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Despite a remarkably vibrant arts community in New Britain—which includes two successful community theaters, a distinguished art museum, a children’s museum, a chamber orchestra, choral groups, a historic arts facility, and several other performing and visual arts organizations and artists—no organization in the City of New Britain was dedicated specifically to providing theater programs to children and young adults. Since its founding in 2010, New Britain Youth Theater (NBYT) has provided that service to fill this artistic void for New Britain’s youth. The mission of NBYT is “to enrich the lives of children and young adults by encouraging creative thinking, fostering self-confidence and self-esteem, and developing general life skills through involvement in low-cost programs in the performing and cinematic arts.”

But we have not been able to build NBYT back to where we were before Covid changed everyone’s world. For ten years, NBYT had been serving the youth of New Britain and surrounding towns with exciting, challenging and fun programming. And we all, Staff & Youth alike, were flourishing. But now, after being dark for almost two years due to the pandemic, we just are in very real jeopardy of closing our doors permanently. We are researching every avenue we can to generate the needed funding to keep NBYT alive. Federal, State, Local community and Private Foundation grants, local business sponsorship, etc. BUT……


Your tax-deductible donation will be of enormous help to NBYT. But there are other ways to help as well. You can volunteer in many capacities, including fund-raising, donating goods for concession sales, helping backstage and social media promotions. Getting the word out about the opportunities available to young people is of paramount importance! So, if you would like to help keep NBYT alive, please see our “Donation” link and/or email Patrique Hurd, our Managing Director at to discuss volunteer opportunities!

Thank You!!



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