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Celebrate Ten Years of NBYT!

It’s not easy work to keep a business open for ten years—or sometimes even one year! When your customers keep growing up and aging out, it’s even harder! (Our earliest teen participants are now in their 20s, and a few even have young children of their own!)

But at NBYT, our dedication to providing high-quality, affordable, and inclusive theater programming to children, teens, and families has kept us going for almost a decade!

In our productions this season, the young participants of NBYT will spend a night at Edgar Allan Poe’s home in Baltimore, will explore the fjords of Arendelle, will come out of the sea without a voice, will trek Middle-earth for treasure, and will sing and dance through the Jungle of Nool and Whoville.

But producing theater such as our POEtry Project, Disney’s Frozen, The Little Mermaid, The Hobbit, and Seussical isn’t free. Participation fees and ticket sales pay only a small part of expenses. Foundation and government grants don’t close the gap either. So, to continue to provide children and families with quality programming at the lowest cost possible, NBYT relies on donations from a generous community.

Founded in 2010 as New Britain Youth Theater and named Connecticut’s Best Children’s Theater by Connecticut Magazine as in 2017, NBYT is a professionally-run community and educational theater that has served over 8,000 children and teens in the past nine years. The name change in 2018 reflects that NBYT is—and always has been—a youth theater that accepts children from all towns and communities, with all abilities, with all levels of experience, and to be involved in a variety of ways both onstage and off!

NBYT participants have come from over sixty different towns in Greater New Britain, Greater Hartford, the Farmington Valley, and throughout Connecticut. Over 25,000 people have attended over two hundred performances and showcase presentations. As reasons for returning to NBYT, parents cite the quality staff and programs, the affordable cost of participation, and the gains in confidence that their children achieve.

We’ve set ambitious fundraising goals this season, but it’s all for the benefit of the children and families in our community! To ensure that NBYT continues providing affordable, high-quality, and inclusive programming, please support us as a sponsor or donor.


For our five main productions this season, we have the opportunity for five businesses or community organizations to be Spotlight Sponsors at the $1,000 level.

Spotlight Sponsors will receive the full-page back cover advertisement space in our production programs (400+ copies); eight complimentary tickets to the sponsored production; recognition in production press releases, in social media content, and on our posters and website; plus the opportunity for a promotional table or display at the sponsored production. For one of these limited opportunities to become a Spotlight Sponsor, contact our Managing Director at or our Board Chairperson at


One hundred Season Sponsors at the $100 level will help to support a full season of programming and production materials. Each of these Sponsors will receive two tickets to the production of their choice and will be listed on our website and in our production programs for the full season.

We know that reaching 100 donors is a high goal, but we hope to be there by the summer of 2020 when the season ends!


We’re looking for one thousand Friends of NBYT to give us just $10 each in honor of this tenth anniversary! It’s our most ambitious goal ever, but we’re confident that a supportive community and even some of our young participants and alumni (or family who’d like to donate in their name) will get us there by the end of the season!

With all donations, please indicate how you’d like your name acknowledged on our website and in our programs, or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.


Businesses and community organizations can also purchase space in our programs to send 10th anniversary wishes to NBYT. Quarter-page space (4.5” x 1.75”) begins at $75; a half-page (4.5” x 3.75”) is $150; and a full page (4.5” x 7.5”) is $250. Program advertisements and acknowledgements run for a full season of performances. This will include a total of at least five productions and fifteen performances which will be attended by over 2,000 audience members.

For program advertisements, please include or attach ad copy or wording or provide camera-ready copy. NBYT staff is also available to create an ad from a business card or other artwork. Programs are printed in grayscale.

All donations to NBYT are tax-deductible. NBYT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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