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Are you thinking about auditioning for The Tempest this month? Auditions will be on February 18 and 20.

The NBYT production will be set in the nineteenth century and inspired by the Connecticut whaling industry, which peaked between the 1840s and the end of the century. Performances will again be outdoors at the New Britain Museum of American Art.

We’re looking for a diverse group of actors, we’ll cast several of the roles gender-blind, and we welcome all levels of experience! Here’s a look at the roles in the play:

PROSPERO – Former Duke of Milan who was betrayed by his brother Antonio and Alonso, the King of Naples. He was set adrift at sea with his daughter Miranda. They arrive at the island and have lived there ever since. He’s familiar with the magic arts and commands a cadre of spirits.

MIRANDA – Prospero’s teenage daughter. The island is the only home she’s ever known. She has a gentle heart and is an eager (if inattentive) learner.

ARIEL – The leader of Prospero’s spirit army. He was saved from torment by Prospero and serves him faithfully in return. Prospero has promised to give Ariel his freedom, but has yet to deliver on that promise.

CALIBAN – A deformed native of the island and slave to Prospero. He resents Prospero and openly talks about wanting to kill him.

ALONSO – King of Naples. He was instrumental in the plot to supplant Prospero. At the play’s start he and his court are returning home from his daughter’s wedding. He believes his son Ferdinand has drowned in the titular tempest.

ANTONIO – Prospero’s brother, the usurping Duke of Milan. He is opportunistic, manipulative, and ambitious. He convinces his colleague Sebastian to murder his brother in order to become king.

SEBASTIAN – Alonso’s brother, he’s either aggressive or cowardly, depending on how much power he has in any given situation. He is easily manipulated into killing his brother.

GONZALO – Kindly old lord and counsel to the king. He was the only one to show mercy or kindness to Prospero and Miranda when they were sent out of Milan.

STEPHANO – A drunken, loutish butler who incompetently plots with Caliban to kill Prospero and take over the island.

TRINCULO – Court jester and companion/co-conspirator with Stephano

FERDINAND – King Alonso’s son. He’s assumed dead after the tempest, but has actually happened upon Prospero and fallen in love with his daughter.


Click here to learn more about auditions or to schedule an audition time!

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