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The past year has brought some exceptional moments for NBYT! We’ve met a gnome named Gnathan and a boy who would become Peter. We’ve laughed in a chocolate factory, and we’ve cried at a fence outside Laramie, Wyoming. In our first Short Play Festival, young local writers heard their words performed in staged readings. More young stagehands, theater technicians, and assistant designers have helped behind the scenes this year too—thanks in part to new equipment and training funded by a grant from NBC Connecticut, Telemundo Connecticut, and NBC Universal Foundation. And thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, NBYT began all-inclusive programming to offer a class to specifically welcome, engage, and challenge each student to their own physical, mental, sensory, and emotional abilities.

At this time of year and always, NBYT is thankful for the many people and organizations who have helped to build these memorable moments. Our staff, board members, and parent volunteers are dedicated and tireless. Our children and teens onstage and backstage are the best anywhere! We’re grateful for supportive school districts and schools— especially Holmes Elementary School and Raymond Hill School at the Klingberg Family Center in New Britain where we’ve performed in the past season. We’re grateful for organizations like Hartford Performs which brings NBYT and other arts programs into schools, and for Broadway Connection which has brought Broadway touring performers to work with us. We’re grateful for other supportive and collaborating arts organizations—like the New Britain Museum of American Art where we’ll perform again in the coming year. We’re grateful to service organizations like the Connecticut Arts Alliance which advocates for the arts and arts education, and to the Greater New Britain Arts Alliance which selected NBYT as Arts Organization of the Year in May 2018. Of course we’re grateful for our donors. And we’re grateful for everyone who has been a part of making memorable moments at NBYT for nearly nine years.

Since 2010, NBYT has served over 7,200 children and teens in school programming, homeschool programming, drama classes, and performances by and for children and teens. In 2018, NBYT changed its name to No Boundaries Youth Theater in order to reflect that we are—and always have been—a youth theater that serves children, teens, and families from all communities, with all abilities, and to be involved in a variety of ways both onstage and off.

As of this year, NBYT participants have come from over sixty-five towns in Greater New Britain, Greater Hartford, the Farmington Valley, and throughout Connecticut. Over 26,000 people have attended hundreds of performances and share day presentations. As reasons for returning to NBYT, parents cite the quality staff and programs, the low cost of participation, and the gains in confidence that their children achieve.

But providing low-cost theater programs to children and teens isn’t free, and NBYT continues to struggle to raise donations. Participation fees and ticket costs pay for only part of the set, costume, and prop expenses of each production. NBYT also pays salaries and stipends; office, program, and storage space rent; royalties and script costs; class and craft supplies; insurance; marketing costs; and more. It’s important to us at NBYT to continue to provide children and families with programming at the lowest cost possible. To do this, NBYT relies on donations from a generous community.

A donation of any amount can help.

  • A gift of $100 or more could help to pay for royalty fees, scripts, set pieces, or props for a production.
  • $50 will pay for design supplies for a cast or class to help make props and costumes of their own.
  • $25 will help to pay for a child’s costume in a production.
  • Even $10—less than the cost of a ticket—will help to pay for a child’s script.

To make a tax-deductible donation online, you may use PayPal (to or any major credit card.

Donations may also be mailed to: NBYT, P.O. Box 306, New Britain, CT 06050. NBYT also gladly accepts donations through workplace giving campaigns. Please ask employers about matching grant possibilities as well.

There are many other ways to support NBYT too. We know well that our families and patrons already support us with participation fees, ticket purchases, program announcements, and more. You can also:

  • Attend our production of The Velveteen Rabbit on December 7, 8 or 9. This is a new musical adaptation, written by our Angela Klimaytis, of a beloved children’s book.
  • Sign up for a class or homeschool program that begins in January. (New class offerings will follow our Fall schedule, and will be on our website soon!)
  • Plan to audition for a spring production—Charlotte’s Web (ages 6-12) or Shakespeare’s The Tempest (ages 13-20) which has pre-audition workshops in December. (Audition dates and details will be announced soon.)
  • Shop through Amazon Smile and choose NBYT to receive a percentage of sales proceeds, or donate a car or other vehicle to NBYT.
  • Tell a friend or family member why NBYT is important to you and your children and that this organization is deserving of their support as well.
  • Or, if you’re feeling especially moved to share your time and talents, consider serving on our Board of Directors or on a newly-forming Parent Volunteer Committee. (Contact Darren Farrington or a board member for details.)

We want NBYT to continue for years to come—but we can only do that with support from a community that values what we do. If your child or family has shared a special or memorable moment with NBYT, please consider donating or volunteering in some way.

If you’ve already donated this year or are giving your time to NBYT, we sincerely thank you for your support!

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