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At NBYT’s Eighth Birthday Bash on March 24, two big announcements were made. This first was about the future of New Britain Youth Theater.

Logo (letters only)One of the most wonderful things about New Britain Youth Theater is how inclusive and far-reaching our company has been. Children and teens have come to our programs from nearly sixty towns throughout Connecticut and from all eight of the state’s counties. We’ve performed in New Britain and Berlin, and we’ve brought educational programs to schools in New Britain, Plainville, Bristol, Hartford, Middletown, Waterbury, and Torrington.

Sometimes though, change is necessary. A few parents and participants had asked if NBYT’s announcement was going to be that the theater is closing its doors. We’re glad to say that we are not. At least we hope not. There is one big change coming though—and that’s going to be our name. For eight years, we haven’t been bound by a single location for our performances and programs. We haven’t been bound by where children and families come to us from. We haven’t been bound by how we allow children and teens to be involved both onstage and backstage. And we haven’t been bound in who we allow to participate in our programs—in fact striving to make programs as inclusive and accessible as we can is part of who we are. So, at a meeting in February, the NBYT board of directors voted to change the theater’s name to No Boundaries Youth Theater. Conveniently, there’s no change needed in our website address, no change in our email addresses, and no change in the quality programs that we’ll keep striving to provide. The name change will reflect that NBYT is—and always has been—a youth theater that serves much more than a single town. We expect that the name change will also aid efforts to market programs and performances and to raise funds outside of New Britain.

NBYT will always be a part of New Britain, and our next season (which is our next announcement) will be performed in New Britain and other towns as we’ve done in the past. We’ll be rolling out the name change—and a new website—over the next couple of months. Stay with us to see what exciting adventures lie ahead!


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