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Help NBYT Find HOME!

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Despite more than seven successful years in existence, New Britain Youth Theater has often struggled to find performance spaces and a place to call home. As most followers of the youth theater know, NBYT is currently based in the YMCA Program Center in Berlin, but that space limits our performance opportunities, educational programs, and storage—and we’d ideally like to be back in New Britain (although we do draw participants and patrons from throughout Greater New Britain, Greater Hartford, and around the state).

Knowing how well-connected our supporters and audience are, we’re going public with our space search to find new performance spaces and a home for Connecticut’s Best Children’s Theater (recently named by the editors of Connecticut Magazine, in case you hadn’t heard)!

Like all property searchers, we have a wish list.

  • Stage/performance space with seating for 100-200 (including a box office space, concessions area, and rest rooms) (at least 2500 sf)
  • Second rehearsal space/classroom/music room (ideally as large as the performance space stage, but not required) (at least 500 sf)
  • Parent waiting area (can be a lobby, entry, or reception area with an information board; ideally with no visibility of stage or classrooms) (at least 500 sf)
  • Office space (room for at least two desks plus storage for office supplies and concessions) (at least 500 sf)
  • Storage space (for sets, costumes, props) (at least 1000 sf)
  • Work space (can be shared with set storage, but not with costume and prop storage) (at least 750 sf)
  • Kitchen space with sink and room for full refrigerator (at least 250 sf)
  • Separate backstage bathrooms
  • Parking and easy parent drop-off
  • At least 6,000 sf total (our space at the New Britain YMCA was approximately 5850 sf and too small on audience seating, the second rehearsal space/classroom, and storage)

Anyone who might have a suggestion is welcome to contact NBYT Executive and Artistic Director Darren Farrington at or 860-515-8115, or may contact any NBYT board member.

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