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NBYT Staff Profile: Jason Post

This is the third in NBYT’s series of staff profiles. Jason Post is NBYT’s newest teaching artist and will be teaching breakdancing this fall. Classes in acting, sketch comedy, and breakdancing begin the week of September 18.

Jason Post

Jason was born in California and raised in New Britain. He started dancing his sophomore year in high school as a substitute to sports—in which his father and older brothers all seemed to be strongly involved. Jason took a different path, focusing his athletic talents towards street dancing, particularly bboying. Jason has studied and performed modern dance and ballet at Central Connecticut State University. He has also performed in many pieces such as “No Shade” and “Heart Beat” at the University. Jason choreographed dances for “Break Dancing Shakespeare” in the summers between 2006 and 2012 at Hartford Stage. Even though his dancing has revolved around bboying for the fifteen years of his dance career, for the past six and half years, he has studied and developed a strong passion for house dancing and has been sharing that passion with others as well.

Five Questions for Jason

How did you first get involved in dance? 

I was first introduced to breakdancing when I was in 8th grade. My older brother was learning at the time and he taught me just a few steps. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I took it more seriously and actually trained for the dance. It was then that I had learned more difficult moves such as windmills and flips that motivated me to push myself even more. Breaking introduced me to various dance styles after that, leaving me with a strong passion for street dance styles such as house dancing and Hip Hop today.

What is your favorite show that you’ve choreographed?

I enjoyed just about all the shows that I choreographed, but one show that comes to mind that I particularly enjoyed would have to be The Comedy of Errors during my time at Hartford Stage doing Break Dancing Shakespeare. With the show being a comedy, it provided me with a challenge to put comedy into my choreography. It was something different and it added a different dynamic to the show.


If you could trade places for a day with a character from any play, who would you choose?

Don Pedro from Much Ado About Nothing.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?


What advice do you have for kids who are interested in breakdancing?

With breaking being a very challenging dance, having a strong foundation and a good grasp of the basic movements, learning the dance becomes a much more fulfilling experience.

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