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Calling Aspiring Writers and Directors! NBYT’s Short Play Festival Is Coming!

SPF 2017It’s usually not until later in the spring that NBYT announces its productions for the following season—but we’ve got an announcement that we everyone to know about early!

In the fall of 2017, NBYT will hold its first annual (we hope) SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL!

We’ve produced a collection of short plays before (Comic Shorts, April 2013) but this time we’re inviting aspiring playwrights of any age to submit scripts, and we’re inviting aspiring directors age 12 to 18 to direct. Teens are also welcome to be involved as designers, stage managers, or producers. Don’t have any experience as a director or in any of these other roles? Not to worry! Each production will have an NBYT staff member working on it for guidance; in some cases, a staff member may even be directing the production. Auditions for actors will be held in the fall.

DIRECTORS: To submit yourself as a potential director, contact by July 31, 2017. You may submit a specific short play (under 20 pages) which you’d like to direct, or you may choose to be assigned to a play.

DESIGNERS, STAGE MANAGERS, and PRODUCERS: To submit yourself for one of these roles, also contact by July 31, 2017. You may let us know if there’s a specific play you’d like to work on, or you may be assigned to a play.

PLAYWRIGHTS: Submit your scripts to or by hand to Executive and Artistic Director Darren Farrington by July 31, 2017.

To be considered for production, all play submissions must follow these guidelines:

  1. Plays may be written by one or more people, but all contributing writers’ names must be credited.
  2. No person may submit more than three scripts for consideration.
  3. Plays may be original works or adaptations. Adaptations must be based on works in the public domain or permission of the author of the underlying work must be obtained and proven.
  4. Plays must be no more than twenty (20) pages and must be typed in 12-point size of a standard font with one-inch margins on all sides of each page. A character list must be included at the beginning of the play, along with any notes on possible double casting and the setting. Pages must be numbered. There is no minimum length for submissions.
  5. Plays must be suitable for either all ages or middle school age and up.
  6. Plays submitted by email must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF formats.
  7. Plays must be able to be produced with minimal design elements and no required special effects.
  8. Playwrights must agree to license plays for production by New Britain Youth Theater for up to four (4) performances. No compensation will be paid to playwrights.
  9. If a play cannot be considered for any reason, NBYT will notify writers as soon as possible. If a problem is easily fixable and the play otherwise has merit, writers may be asked for revisions.
  10. Early submissions (before July 31) are permitted and encouraged.

Questions may be directed to NBYT Executive and Artistic Director Darren Farrington at


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