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Take a Seat, Please!

We’ve decided that it’s time for new audience seating…but we need some help.

black-chairIf you’ve been to a performance at NBYT’s space at the YMCA in New Britain, you’re probably familiar with the square wooden chairs that looked like they came from a 1970s library or dorm room. If you didn’t arrive early enough to get one of those “coveted” chairs, you may have sat on one of several styles of plastic chairs, a bench, or even a box. The good news and the bad news is that we didn’t take any of those chairs with us.

At our new space, at the New Britain-Berlin YMCA Program Center in Kensington, there’s a collection of old metal folding chairs, but we think it’s time for better. We want to purchase seventy-five of the black chairs pictured, and we’re asking donors to help with that purchase. The stackable chairs with also come with a cart for easy moving.

For a contribution of $25, donors will fund the purchase of one chair and will have their names included with a short message on a placard to be hung at the theater (or they can remain anonymous).

Please consider donating in your own name or in honor of one of our young actors. Donations may be made with a credit card through PayPal using the button below, or may be mailed to NBYT at P.O. Box 306, New Britain, CT 06050-0306.

PayPal donation

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