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Celebrate Birthdays with NBYT!

BalloonsIt’s Birthday Week at NBYT! (We incorporated on March 15, 2010, and programming began that spring.) We’re having a birthday celebration this Saturday, March 19, that YOU’RE invited to attend!

What better time to also tell you that you can celebrate YOUR BIRTHDAY at NBYT too!

NBYT birthday parties are two hours (generally 60 minutes of activities and 60 minutes of party time) plus 30 minutes time allowed for both set-up and clean-up. Extended time is available for an additional cost. Games and activities are run in NBYT’s rehearsal/performance area, and a space with tables and chairs is provided for refreshments (which are not provided by NBYT). Here are some birthday activities that you can choose.

Oh, the Drama!
Children take part in introductory drama games and activities, physical and vocal warm-ups, and improvising scenes based on suggestions from the birthday child and other guests.

Bringing Books to Life!
Based on a popular NBYT educational program, children receive basic introductory acting instruction and help to bring a story—of the birthday child’s choosing—to life on stage using physical and vocal character choices and pantomimed props!

Improv Mania!
A greater emphasis on improv instruction and games based on suggestions from birthday child (or teen), other guests, or even parents, which often appeals to older children and teens!

Using our microphone and speaker system and a media device, the birthday child or teen can choose a play list or theme, or can open it up to any karaoke video track found on the internet! Pull from our collection of hats, props, and accessories for you and your guests to become stars too!

Party cost is $150 for up to 15 children, and $10 for each additional child up to 20. Scheduling is subject to space availability. Parties may also be held at other locations arranged by the party-giver.

For more information, contact Executive Director Darren Farrington at 860-515-8115 or

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