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SquishyTown Asylum Improv Coming January 29

January 2016 poster 2NBYT’s improv troupe, SquishyTown Asylum, will perform on Friday, January 29 at 7:00 at NBYT at the New Britain-Berlin YMCA, 50 High Street, in downtown New Britain.

A donation of $5 is suggested for admission, and tickets will be available at the door only. Concessions will include samples of S’more Drama!—the new ice cream flavor from Frisbie’s Dairy Barn that was chosen through a contest at NBYT!

The improv group, which performs short comic scenes without a script (often based on audience suggestions), is made up of eight performers who have previously taken an improv class with the youth theater company. Despite their young ages—ranging from 12 to 16—each of the members have been performing on stage for years. The group describes their improv performances as “crazy,” “pandemonium,” and “both silly and slightly terrifying.” Performances are appropriate for all ages.

And the name SquishyTown Asylum? “One of us used it in a scene one day,” they say, “and it stuck like gum.” Because an asylum is a safe place, a refuge, a place of shelter and protection from danger, and was even frequently used to mean a school, it’s not far off to say that a children’s theater—where we encourage kids and teens to be themselves and explore their creativity—is a kind of asylum itself!

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  1. I love improv and am looking forward to the show. I enjoyed reading about the history and story behind the name SquishyTown Asylum. I have to say this is a very clever choice to use the word Asylum.

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