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Help NBYT Name an Ice Cream!

Frisbie's logoWhat children’s theater doesn’t love ice cream? Certainly not us!

That’s why we’re pretty proud and excited to announce a promotional partnership with Frisbie’s Dairy Barn in New Britain. We’ve personally tried a lot of the flavors at Frisbie’s, and we give them a standing ovation!

2015-12-10 13.10.04-1

Not only will Frisbie’s and NBYT be helping to promote each other’s business, but Frisbie’s is going to give us an ice cream flavor!
And, here’s the BEST part, we’re holding a contest to help create and name the flavor! The winner will help to create the first batch of ice cream  and be invited to a kick-off event in January!

Just like any contest, we’ve got some rules and guidelines:

  1. The name and flavor should promote New Britain Youth Theater.
  2. Entries may be submitted by anyone of any age, and may be submitted individually or in teams of up to three people.
  3. There is no purchase or payment necessary to enter.
  4. Participants are limited to two entries per person, whether working individually or in teams.
  5. To enter, submit both an ice name and flavor that includes a base flavor and any mix-ins.
  6. Entries must be submitted to the NBYT Executive Director by 5:00 PM on January 6, 2016, in writing either by email to or by delivery to the NBYT office at the New Britain-Berlin YMCA at 50 High Street in New Britain.
  7. The winning entry will be selected by a team of judges from New Britain Youth Theater and Frisbie’s Dairy Barn.
  8. By entering this contest, the winning participant agrees to forfeit any and all legal rights to the ice cream name and flavor.
  9. Neither New Britain Youth Theater nor Frisbie’s Dairy Barn makes any representation that the winning ice cream flavor will in fact be sold or for how long it may be sold.

Questions about the contest can also be directed to the Executive Director. Good luck—and get creative!

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