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Parents, help NBYT as a Parent Liaison!

Beginning this past summer with The Wizard of Oz, a Parent Liaison helped to improve communication, information flow, and volunteerism. That parent will now serve as Lead Parent Liaison, and a new parent will be help for all NBYT productions this season.

For each NBYT production, one or two volunteer Parent Liaisons will assist with the following:

  • Distributing rehearsal and performance schedules, ticket order forms, program bio forms, program ad forms, and other handouts to parents and cast members
  • Collecting forms and payments from parents and cast members, and reminding parents and cast members of any deadlines or due dates
  • Communicating with directors and stage managers about parents’ frequent questions concerning schedules and any costume, prop, or other needs, and with the the Executive Director about any questions, concerns, or needs parents might have
  • Distributing posters and flyers and encouraging parents and cast members to help publicize the performances
  • Recruiting and coordinating other parent volunteers to help during rehearsals and performances for monitoring the cast, setting up and selling concessions, raffle tickets, and any other merchandise
  • Recruiting and coordinating other parent volunteers to help organize, set up, and clean up for a cast party after the final performance
  • Collecting donations and purchasing gifts for directors

All papers, posters, and flyers for distribution will be provided to the Parent Liaisons. There’s no need to design, make, or copy anything.

Parents and guardians, if your child is going to be in one of the NBYT productions this season and you’re willing to volunteer in this position, please contact Darren Farrington at or 860-515-8115. We hope to have parents in place by the time auditions begin.

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