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Community Service Projects for Students

Community logoWith the school year beginning soon, and most high schools (and even some middle schools) requiring community service hours, keep in mind that New Britain Youth Theater is a community theater. A nonprofit community theater. This means that NBYT can certify work on certain projects as being a community service.

Unfortunately, we can’t consider acting in a performance or taking a class to be community service. But there are many other ways to help NBYT:

  • Volunteer as a Teaching Assistant in Training for a class of younger students or an after-school program
  • Volunteer as a Assistant Stage Manager or Stage Crew on a production for younger children
  • Help to build or paint sets or create props
  • Help to organize and keep clean the prop closet, costume closet, or scene shop
  • Volunteer to help at a fundraising event
  • Volunteer to hang posters or help at a promotional event

You might even have a suggestion for doing something else that we’d like! And, remember, community service hours aren’t just a requirement, they can also look good on applications to colleges or honor societies. Parents, you’re always welcome to volunteer your help in some ways too! (All volunteers over age 18 who work directly with children are subject to a background check.)

To volunteer your time or learn more about volunteer opportunities for teens or parents, call NBYT Executive Director Darren Farrington at 860-515-8115 or email

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