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Out of the Mouths of Teaching Artists…

Stage PerformanceStage Performance classes begin in just one week at NBYT—on Saturday, February 8! Classes now include Stage Play (ages 5-8), Stage Performance I (age 8 and up), Stage Performance II (age 12 and up), Musical Stage Performance (age 10 and up), and Improv in Performance (age 10 and up). More details about each class and a link to a Registration Form is on the NBYT website.

Three of NBYT’s Teaching Artists have been promoting their classes recently, and their words are excellent advertising—and all true of course!

From Stage Play and Stage Performance instructor Nicki LaPorte:

This theater and this job in this community is what solidified for me that I wanted to be a theater educator. I see children growing in confidence and skill every week. And the best part? It’s all through play.

As an educator I am still learning, and one of my latest lessons was “theater is play.” How great is that? I play games and teach life skills (teamwork/ensemble, patience, bravery, independence, personal space, confidence, pride, and I can go on!) and after ten weeks we put on a small share day performance.

I love my job, and I am very thankful everyday that I not only get to do my dream job and get better at my craft, but I get to work with the most amazing kids and staff around.

From improv instructor Carmine Lavieri:

Are you (or, more likely, anyone you know) a teenager [actually, age 10 and up] looking to learn some basic improv skills? Do you want to take an hour out of your Saturday afternoon to have THE MOST FUN EVER? And do you want to put on an absolutely hilarious improv show at the end of ten weeks? [We hope to have some additional performance opportunities this term too!]

This will be my third time teaching this program and both of the previous times have been highly rewarding both for me and my students. Yeah, a lot of improv is about having fun and being silly but I am 100% serious when I say that it’s made me a better actor, educator, and public speaker–all this along with a confidence I frankly hadn’t had before. Making people laugh is awesome (and my favorite thing in the world to do), but there’s an absolute WORLD of benefit to be reaped from improv lessons.

And from musical theater instructor Angela Klimaytis:

A new session of classes begins next Saturday at NBYT! I am super duper excited to be returning to teach Musical Theater class for students ages 10 and up. We had a BLAST last session learning warm-up techniques, getting to know our voices, singing our hearts out in group and solo numbers, and of COURSE performing! I can’t wait to get started again! Whether you have never sung before or are accustomed to singing for others, we would love to have you join us in this supportive environment to learn more about your voice, some new tunes, and start your weekend off with new friends and lots of fun!

Spaces are still open in all classes. To pre-register, email or call 860-515-8115.

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