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GIVE NBYT!Today NBYT begins its first annual individual donor campaign which will run through the end of 2013. We know that our families and patrons already support us with participation fees, ticket purchases, program announcements, and more. Don’t feel that you must give again. You can still help though by telling your family and friends why NBYT is important to you and your children and that this organization is deserving of their support as well.

New Britain Youth Theater brings together the best of community and educational theater for children and teens in Connecticut.

Since 2010, NBYT has served over 2,000 children and teens in after-school programming in and around New Britain, in in-school programming, homeschool programming, drama classes, and performances by and for children and teens. NBYT is now a leading community and educational theater with programs including “Kids on Stage!” and “Little Kids on Stage!” productions, the NBYT Teen Company, Stage Performance classes, community outreach programs, and more. NBYT is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and young adults by encouraging creative thinking, fostering self-confidence and self-esteem, and developing general life skills through involvement in low-cost programs in the performing arts.

NBYT participants have come from forty-five different towns in Greater New Britain, Greater Hartford, the Farmington Valley, and throughout Connecticut. Over 7,000 people have attended nearly one hundred performances and share day presentations. As reasons for returning to NBYT, parents cite the quality staff and programs, the low cost of participation, and the gains in confidence that their children achieve. And NBYT never turns a child away for inability to pay.

But providing low-cost theater programs to children and teens isn’t free. Participation fees and tickets costs pay for only part of the set, costume, and prop expenses of each production. NBYT also pays salaries and stipends; office, program, and storage space rent; royalties and script costs; class and craft supplies; insurance; marketing costs; and more. It’s important to us at NBYT to continue to provide children and families with programming at the lowest cost possible. To do this, NBYT relies on donations from a generous community.

A donation of any amount can help. Just $10 will help to pay for a child’s script or costume in a production. A donation of $25 will help to pay for a week of after-school programming for a child. A gift of $50 will pay for design supplies for a class to make props and costumes. And $100 or more could help to pay for royalty fees, scripts, set pieces, or props for a production. And because NBYT is nonprofit, all gifts are fully tax-deductible.

Tax-deductible donations may be made online using PayPal (to or any major credit card. Donations may also be mailed to: NBYT, 19 Chestnut Street, New Britain, CT 06051. NBYT also gladly accepts donations through workplace giving campaigns. Please ask employers about matching grant possibilities as well.

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