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You Can’t Do THAT at NBYT!

You Can't Do That at NBYT!Singers and audience of all ages are wanted for an evening of show tunes karaoke to benefit NBYT on Saturday, March 23. We’re calling the event You Can’t Do THAT at NBYT!

Along with on-the-spot karaoke sign-ups for a few audience members, we’re also planning solo and group pieces that will rehearse a couple of times.

We’re encouraging:

  • kid-friendly songs from not-so-kid-friendly shows (that we otherwise “can’t do at NBYT”)
  • songs from roles that performers would be wrong for, because of age, gender or type
  • group performances (of 2, 3, or more)
  • parents, family and other adult performers singing together with kids and teens

We’re also planning a large chorus for 2 or 3 songs. Do you have an idea for a song or just want to join in our chorus? Contact or call 860-515-8115 for more info or to join us.

What’s that? You’re not a singer? That’s great too. Tickets will be $10 each for this fun event of music and festivities, and all proceeds will benefit NBYT programming. Tickets will be on sale by March 1.

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