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Elves and Reindeer…and Pirates and Ninjas? Oh, my!

Audiences coming to I’m Getting Nothin’ for Christmas next month will see plenty of elves and a team of reindeer. But they’ll also see a pirate, a ninja and a princess! And if you like your theater characters dressed normally in everyday clothes, we have one of those too. But just one in a cast of forty-eight!

I’m Getting Nothin’ for Christmas is a Christmas comedy caper for all ages. It plays at Trinity-on-Main Performance Center on December 9, 10 and 11. More information is available on the NBYT website at, and tickets can be purchased online or by calling 860-515-8115. All major credit cards are accepted.

Here is the cast wearing just a few of their costumes pieces. They’re standing with just a few of the presents that will be filling our “present room” scene on stage!

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