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NBYT and King’s Speech & Learning Center Partner to Offer Special Drama Classes

NBYT has announced an addition to its offering of classes and programs this season. Introductory drama classes will be offered in partnership with King’s Speech & Learning Center of New Britain and Simsbury.

King’s Speech & Learning Center uses a multidisciplinary approach to address speech, social and learning challenges in children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, shyness, social anxiety/selective mutism, speech-language delays, Sensory Processing Disorders, apraxia, stuttering, dyslexia, Nonverbal Learning Disorders, and Auditory Processing Disorders, as well as in second-language learners and the general population without disabilities. The Center is owned and directed by Judith Rosenfeld, a licensed speech-language pathologist, and employs eight other therapists and staff members. Its services also include specialized tutoring and homework help, a handwriting clinic, assistive technology, an oral feeding program for picky eaters and nutritional challenges, and educational advocacy.

NBYT is excited to be expanding its reach and its services.  The theater has integrated high-functioning special needs children in other classes and programs, and teaching artists have seen the positive impact that dramatic arts instruction can have. Each of the classes will be led by both an NBYT teaching artist and a speech-language pathologist from King’s Speech & Learning Center. Classes will also be offered both at NBYT in downtown New Britain, and at the Center’s location in Simsbury.

Each class will explore voice, movement, and improvisation while developing focus and concentration, and learning to work together as a group. Children will identify characters and parts of a story or script, and will act out activities, emotions, and roles in each script. Dramatic Play, for ages 5 through 8, will meet on Saturday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. Introduction to Drama, for ages 9 and up, will meet on Saturday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. Each class session will last one hour, and the class term will run for six weeks. Each term will conclude with a Share Day for family and friends.

Classes begin on Saturday, October 8, but will continue in ongoing terms. Speech intervention may be covered by some insurance plans for those who are on active speech therapy programs with King’s Speech & Learning Center.

For more information, please call King’s Speech & Learning Center at 860-217-0098 or NBYT at 860-515-8115.

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