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Pig-stravaganza! Part Two

During Babe, the Sheep-Pig, NBYT auctioned and sold piggy banks as part of its Pig-stravaganza Art Show & Auction.  But some piggy banks unfortunately were delivered after the event or didn’t find homes.

You can still get a piggy bank and help NBYT by offering $20.00 or more per pig. Be the first person to contact NBYT to secure the piggy bank you want! Banks can be picked up, delivered to some locations, or shipped for an additional $5.00 cost. Many of the remaining piggy banks were signed by on-air personalities from Channel 3 WFSB. Others were created by local artists and designers.

NBYT is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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