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Over Three Hundred Reasons

New Britain Youth Theater has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week. Since forming in March 2010, NBYT programs have already reached over three hundred children from ages three through seventeen! Some of those children have been in short workshops or classes, some have been in summer programs, some were in the fall homeschool enrichment program, some are in the upcoming production of A Children’s Christmas Carol, and many are currently in extracurricular programs at New Britain public schools.

  • To the children and teens in NBYT programs, THANK YOU!
  • To the parents and families of those children, THANK YOU!
  • To the administrators and staff of the New Britain Board of Education who have brought NBYT into schools, THANK YOU!
  • And to the donors and supporters of NBYT, THANK YOU!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving and be sure to remember what you’re grateful for as well.

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