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Fall Homeschool Program: Weeks Five and Six

The Homeschool Enrichment Program has passed the halfway mark already. In Week Five, blues musician Dan Stevens visited us with a performance and demonstration for both age groups of children. Dan not only played the blues, but also taught us about the origin on the music the difference between different types such Delta Blues, Piedmont Blues and Chicago Blues. And Dan wasn’t just entertaining and educational—his music fit right in with what we were working on in both groups. Dan will definitely be invited back in the winter and spring!

The 8-12 year-old group has been working on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Their next script will be based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. They also spent some time learning about set design and began a project of building a set diorama.

The 4-8 year-old group traveled up through the Central Plains states to work on a story based on a Native American Sioux myth, How the Buffalo Came to Be. In Week Six, the group “flew” over to Hawaii and worked with a Native Islander myth called The Shark King. In the next few weeks, the group will begin work to compile its stories into a performance.

Only four more weeks to go!


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