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As with so many other businesses and individuals, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a tremendous impact on NBYT’s ability to do business and earn revenue to pay expenses and cover administrative costs. If you are able, please visit our DONATE page to learn some of the ways you can contribute to NBYT, or consider clicking the link below and making a tax-deductible donation .

Founded in 2010 as New Britain Youth Theater and selected by Connecticut Magazine as Connecticut’s Best Children’s Theater in 2017, No Boundaries Youth Theater is a professionally-run community and educational theater for children and teens. The name change in 2018 reflects that NBYT is—and always has been—a youth theater that accepts children from all towns and communities, with all abilities, with all levels of experience, and to be involved in a variety of ways both onstage and off!

Explore our classes, audition opportunities, and performances—and join us where imagination knows no boundaries!